Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is awarded if one party (commonly the wife but not always) cannot adequately support themselves without payment from the other. Jemek Solicitors will advise you of your options and will work to secure the best outcome for you. The amount paid is dependent on the needs of the awarded party, their own income (actual or potential) and the payer’s income.

Whether your situation requires a regular payment (normally monthly) or a single lump sum, Jemek Solicitors Limited will ensure that your spousal maintenance is calculated fairly and appropriately. Spousal maintenance automatically comes to an end if the recipient chooses to remarry or either party dies.

Paying Spousal Maintenance

Jemek Solicitors Limited will seek to resolve your spousal maintenance case and ensure that the payment that you make to your ex-partner is a fair one, considering all aspects of your case.

If your financial situation has changed, Jemek Solicitors can facilitate an application on your behalf and, if necessary, request a reduction in your maintenance payments, or to vary the term.

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