Immigration, Asylum and Nationality

Jemek Solicitors Limited’s immigration department has an established reputation for providing clear and strategic immigration advice, which is tailored for each situation and client. We do more than just process applications – we get personally involved all the way through the process to minimise any stresses that may occur when moving staff and families across the world.

Our experienced and highly ranked team advises both corporate and private clients, including major international organisations, entrepreneurs and investors coming to live and work in the UK, on the routes of immigration available to them and on the UK’s Points Based System. We often help private individuals of substantial means with their complex moves of families and staff to the UK.

In particular we provide the following services:

Personal and Family Immigration

We assist with Family visit visa, visitor visa, Tier 4 Visa, Tier 1 Visa, Tier 2 Visa, Spouse visa, children's visa, dependent relative visa, European Union applications, and Nationality applications.

Business Immigration

The introduction of the Points Based System has had far reaching effects on UK businesses. With the amended rules that apply to illegal workers, employers must ensure that processes are in place to avoid civil penalties. We can help you to run due diligence checks on your current UKBA compliance standards. We run in house legal update briefings for corporate organisations and businesses. To be able to recruit overseas workers, businesses are required to obtain a sponsorship licence from the Home Office. Strict resident labour market tests must be satisfied before workers are recruited from overseas. We can help you to obtain your sponsorship licence and ensure that you are aware of the extra reporting and record keeping duties as a sponsoring employer. We can undertake pre audit compliance checks where UKBA is to pay a compliance visit to a sponsoring employer. We can also draft entry clearance and leave to remain applications for workers in your employment.

Deportation and Detention

Here at Jemek Solicitors Limited, we provide specialist advice and representation in all types of deportation and administrative removal cases. We engage in cases such as automatic deportation following the commission of a criminal offence, criminal court recommended deportation, deportation 'conducive to the public good', deportation on National Security grounds (terrorism), deportation appeals, applications to revoke deportation orders and appeals against refusals to revoke deportation orders. We aim to provide urgent and immediate action to any client who is detained under Immigration related powers and will do everything necessary to obtain his or her release. We have consistently obtained the release of clients in detention in numerous cases. We provide detained work services and assist to secure a release in the following instances; detention pending deportation or removal, detained clients in prisons, persons unsuitable for detention, children and families, mentally ill detainees, victims of torture, victims of trafficking, bail applications etc.

Asylum and Human Rights

We have assisted several clients to resolve their asylum and human right claims. We will advice you on the prospects of success as well as challenge (where the prospects are good) any irrational and unfair decisions of the Secretary of State for the Home Department by way of Judicial Review claims. We assist with asylum claims, family re-union applications, settlement applications for those granted asylum, fresh asylum claims and further submissions, ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) based applications such as Article 8 claims. When required, our advocates are always on ground to represent you in court.

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