Domestic Abuse

Unfortunately Domestic Abuse can occur in relationships between people of every class and culture. Domestic abuse does not have to involve physical violence; it is any form of behaviour that causes the victim to feel intimidated and bullied.

Sometimes the abuse is so bad that the victim has to flee the home or is compelled to take steps to protect themselves or their children from further abuse. Sadly some victims are so ground down that they find it hard to stand up for themselves or even articulate their plight.

We run an emergency rota so there is always someone in the office who can talk you through any such issues and can offer an appointment to give advice. Sometimes you may just want to know what your options are. Sometimes a warning letter will suffice but some situations are so serious we will need to go to court urgently for protection orders (non molestation orders and an occupation orders).

Whilst we understand that it can often take a lot of courage to confront the problem there is no need to suffer in silence. We are at hand to help.

For a confidential discussion, call us on (0121) 616 5040 or email us.